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Wilhelminawerf, living on the water in Utrecht

11 maart 2021

We are building the Wilhelminawerf project on the Merwedekanaal in Utrecht. We are developing 167 rental apartments, on-site parking spaces and a commercial space at this unique location on the water.


Wilhelminawerf is located in the so-called Merwede Kanaalzone, an area that in the coming years will be transformed from an industrial area to a lively and sustainable city district, a low-traffic zone with lots of greenery.

The plan

The project comprises four apartment buildings, A to D, on-site parking facilities, a harbor with a boat dock and a pavilion. The first shared car which the tenants can use, has been placed next to the pavilion. The buildings are being developed and completed in phases.

Building A

Building A

First apartments delivered

We delivered the first 61 apartments located in building A to our tenants in the past days. We wish them lots of happiness in their new homes!

Would you also like to live in this beautiful location?

The rental of building B has now started and there are still some apartments available! We expect to be able to start letting the other two buildings, C and D, in mid-2021. Do you want us to keep you informed? Please register at www.wilhelminawerf.nl

Buildings A and B

Buildings A and B

Photography: © Milan Hofmans, Amsterdam

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